Transforming self-identification into creative motivation, Korean American artist pH-1 (Park Jun won) founded the brand EGO FETCH in 2022, with a focus on creating textured daily basic items with a minimalist designing philosophy. Through carefully selected high-quality fabrics and modern silhouettes, EGO FETCH strives to show brand characteristics that are understated, exquisite, unaffected by fashion trends and have strong wearability. The loose and comfort silhouette and ingenious line design embellishes the classic items in black, white, and gray, ensuring the practicality for styling, presenting a collection of men's and women's clothing that can meet diverse needs and occasions.

In line with pH-1’s music style, he attaches great importance to self perception in life. “Dressing up is one of the things that can gain a sense of self-identity the most”, we integrate delicate texture and daily life features into EGO FETCH's design, and actively use the label of "personal everyday life" to express pH-1’s perception of his own brand’s clothing. “I hope everyone can wear EGO FETCH to any occasion; For me, I would wear EGO FETCH to concerts, recording studio, gym, or even when walking my dog.” Under the design concept of EGO FETCH that combines both practicality and styling, behind it lies pH-1’s insight of his own daily wear. “I am usually very busy with my work, so I hope to have clothes that don't require much effort to style but can still make me look stylish in the way I want. For example, when I pick up a piece of clothing, I don't have to think about what kind of pants to match with because it will look good with anything and never outdated.”